What we offer



Every summer, our student artists participate in a "Creative Project." This gives our student artists an opportunity to express themselves by writing their own lyrics and melodies. Through collaboration with our staff, teachers, and local musicians, original music is created within the time span of a week and then performed at the end of the week. These songs often become apart of The Engine's choir repertoire. 


The choir's repertoire continues to grow as the kids have learned pieces of different styles from Jesu Meine Freude by Bach to Yes You Can by Donnie McClurkin


Bucket Band

The students learn bucket band to improve their percussion abilities and sharpen their feel of keeping a solid groove. The Engine has enjoyed original rep from staff to make up the Bucked Band's songs. 



Instrument Groups

The Engine has a strings ensemble, band, and an orchestra. Currently we provide options for kids to learn violin, flute, trombone, trumpet, percussion, french horn, piano, glockenspiel, guitar, saxophone, and clarinet. 

Group Music Lessons

Inspired by el sistema, students receive lessons from our instructors in a group setting. This encourages learning in a collaborative envorionment. This has resulted in students becoming leaders as older and more experienced students are able to help the younger and less experienced ones. 

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